About Hellostefaniee.com

Hellostefaniee.com is a creative and innovative source of inspiration that puts the spotlight on cultural globe-trotting and adventurous voyaging. 

In particular, this blog focuses on outdoor ventures around the globe and landscape photography. 

Hellostefaniee.com aspires to send alluring, contemporary and unique personal content into the world. 

About Stefanie 

Stefanie, the artistic brain behind the scenes of this blog, is a 29-year-old young woman who grew up near the suburbs of the beautiful city of Bruges. 

Educated in the flexible and hectic universe of the media sector, she takes the plunge into the abundant habitat of modern blogging. 

Thanks to her background as a journalist – photographer, Stefanie strives to contribute to the industrious world of online journaling and travel photography. 

Stefanie holds the rules of digital writing in highest regard, takes you visually and textually on her travels around the world and lets you enjoy the trivial things in life.